Steps of Videogame Localization

Step 1: Pre-localization analysis and setting up the localization kit

In a perfect case we begin localizing your video game together the very moment you start developing it.

Game systems are built around 3 key apects in mind: gameplay, audiovisuals and plot. However, adding a simple and effective localization support at an early stage of the development process will save you a whole lot of potential headache and tremendously widen the audience of your future game or app.

Here is where I come into play, assisting you in supporting localization efforts and saving your time and money.

I help you put together an effective loc kit once, and then use it for localizing your game or app into multiple languages on as many platforms as you wish.

Want to get your game noticed by your target audience as early as possible?

I’ll localize your most important Youtube videos and provide you with the info on the most influential gaming press and opinion makers in the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking regions.

Step 2: Localizing your videogame, app or help into Russian and Ukranian

After putting together the loc kit we start the localization process: translating the text, editing, proof-reading, consulting with your game writer on points that require knowing exact context or specific game situations.

Being a professional translator who loves video games and plays lots of them, I know exactly which questions should be asked in order to deliver a good translation.

Based on the target audience, I can also do texture localization and arrange voice dubbing in the target language.

If your plan is to release your video game or app on multiple platforms, you only pay once for the localization package.

Apart from the in-game text, you definitely want to have its description in multiple digital stores translated into your foreign target audience’s native language, too. What about help or game manual? Achievements? Unlockables and their descriptions? Talk about discoverability and user friendliness. If you want people to pay for your game, inform them what they are getting in the language they actually understand.

Plus, I understand the importance of simultaneous launch in all regions and on all platforms, so my deadlines go a good deal of time before yours.

Step 3: Post-release support

Your localized video game or app has finally been released, whoa! Did you forget to localize your launch trailer? Probably not, because I was there to remind you.

Gamers all over the world start playing it and maybe having some questions. Your tech support people receive heaps of data about the ways people are enjoying your game and you have enough info to release a patch or two. The patch means you have several new text strings to translate for you to add or alter in the game/app?

No problem. I am here 24/7 to help your software have a smooth launch in all regions and on all platforms simultaneously.

Showing gamers all over the world that you care about them is another way to have more people play your game and probably spend more in it, if that’s your business model.