My name is Volodymyr Dreval, and I’ve been translating all kinds of texts from English into Russian and Ukrainian since 1998. Trouble is I find most of them quite boring.

But videogame texts are different. Hence the decision to specialize in videogame localization sector.

So, I started Media.Translated in 2012, and back then it was called Videogames.Translated, because I love gaming and understand the importance of a good story properly told. Not all of videogames are stories, but those that are truly deserve to be understood by gamers speaking languages other than those of their creators. This is why I am here to help bring your videogames to more gamers.

But apart from videogames, stories are told through multiple other creative media, including TV shows, documentaries, movies and books. So why limit myself, if I can help you bring your narrative to Russian and Ukrainian readers, watchers and listeners no matter the medium?

And here I am at Media.Translated, transcreating your stories from English into Russian and Ukrainian, making them read as if the original was written in Russian and Ukrainian from the very start.

Oh, but that’s not all I do. I also specialize in:

  • translation of marketing materials from English into Russian and Ukrainian
  • localization of software, mobile apps, web-sites and all related content, including digital store product descriptionsuser interface, helpFAQmanuals, you name it.

Here’s my CV, in case you’d like to check it out.