Some of my previous localization projects


a videogame by Ludosity

— English to Russian localization —

This is one of my favorites. A tongue-in-cheek parody on the classic Legend of Zelda games, but at the same time a unique game in and of itself . Full of puns and light-hearted humor, it was as difficult to translate from English into Russian as it was interesting.

I am truly proud of what I’ve achieved with this game in terms of localizing efforts, having preserved all of the puns and the easy-going nature of the original.


a videogame by Beta Dwarf

— English to Russian localization —

A cooperative battle arena experience for a team of up to 4 gladiators, led by a fifth mysterious character to endless victories and… traps?

Think of a male medieval version of Glados, helping the doomed heroes to survive only to make them realize the inevitable failure. Unless they can change their destiny.


a videogame by Rain Games

— English to Ukrainian localization —

A whole Tesla-themed universe built around the physics of electricity. A story told in the gameplay and in the names of its beautiful stages.

A small project in terms of localizing work, but very special due to its unique charming character.